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Trends and Forecasting

Today’s speed to market of new offerings and shortening product lifecycles place a unique pressure on businesses to stay ahead.  Consumer purchasing behavior is shifting more rapidly than ever.

To succeed, businesses need accurate sales forecasts -- based on robust analysis -- and the most up-to-date purchasing and market trends.

We deliver detailed forecasts of consumer demand for technology devices, as well as global technology market trends. 

Our forecasts are built using the world’s largest sample of point of sales data, combined with our global expertise and local knowledge. This combination provides our clients uniquely granular and timely forecasts of future demand – forecasting what products consumers will purchase, in what volume, at what price, and where.  

Forecasting for investors and capital markets

Institutional investors face pressure to perform. To succeed, businesses need visibility to significant trends at the earliest stage(s). Businesses need to acquire reliable and compliant information on where to invest. 

We provide investors with robust forecasts using the world’s largest sample of point of sales data. We predict and document turning points in consumer demand, providing regular, detailed company analyses on technology hardware, semiconductor and consumer durable companies. 

Our forecasts allow investors to make successful recommendations backed up by credible and compliant sources.

Latest insights

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    • 04/19/18
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Belgium
    • English

    Consumer sentiment in Europe stayed cautiously optimistic for Q1

    In the first quarter of 2018, consumer sentiment in Europe remained at a relatively stable level, despite slight declines after the overall upward trend seen throughout 2017. At the end of the quarter, the GfK Consumer Climate for the 28 EU stood at 20.6 points, compared to 21.1 points in December – but is still higher than at the same time last year. For 2018, GfK predicts an increase in private household consumer spending in the European Union, from 1.5 to 2 percent in real terms.
    • 09/06/16
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Technology
    • Point of Sales Tracking
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Belgium
    • English

    Virtual Reality

    Our new infographic on Virtual Reality updates you on the current state of consumer interest for this new technology: find out how sales of headmounts and action cams, consumer's buying intention and the applications of Virtual Reality are developing.
    • 03/14/16
    • Market Opportunities and Innovation
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Belgium
    • English

    Generation marketing: make your brand 50+ proof!

    Get to know the latest insights and trends of these consumers at this seminar: segmentation, brand loyalty, media behavior and both on- and offline purchase behavior, including the relation to other generations and influences on each other will be covered in this seminar.
    • 03/11/16
    • Consumer Health
    • Technology
    • Brand and Customer Experience
    • Digital Market Intelligence
    • Trends and Forecasting
    • Belgium
    • English

    Virtual interactions ‘as good as being there’ for nearly a quarter of online consumers

    A 22-country survey  from GfK shows that just under a quarter (23 percent) of online consumers agree1 that virtual interactions with people and places can be as good as being there in person. This compares to just 15 percent who disagree1.  
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