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Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are increasingly complex, due to volatile customer purchase cycles. And globalization has led to expanding networks of suppliers and resources.

Strong business performance depends on being able to spot changes in customer demand and speed of innovation to quickly adapt your supply chains.

Our specialists deliver supply chain management intelligence you need to manage your supply chain from end to end with maximum efficiency.  We combine distribution data with actual point of sales and product data, as well as sales forecasts. We track daily online pricing dynamics at SKU level across EMEA, US, LATAM and APAC - helping you improve your pricing strategy and margins.

Together with our live data analysis and alerting, GfK gives you a comprehensive and timely view of market demand, so you can identify and improve efficiencies in your entire supply chain – and boost your business performance.

Distribution Partnership

Find out more about our partnership with the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC).

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    Combining distribution, retail and reseller information, GfK's Supply Chain Management Insights solution provides unique business intelligence into the end-to-end value chain.
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    GfK's UK Director for Digital, Carl West, discusses the changing landscape of the distributor and vendor markets and how GfK Distribution provides business intelligence into the distribution market.
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