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    • 07/26/17
    • Belgium
    • English

    Latin Americans, Italians and Chinese most frequently entertain guests at home, of 17 nations

    On average, a quarter of people entertain guests in their home either daily or weekly, and a further third entertain monthly. Less than one in ten people say that they never entertain guests in their home. These insights are from an online survey across 17 countries conducted by global researchers, GfK, with the definition of ‘entertain guests’ left open, so it covers everything from dinner parties to having friends around to watch a film or sports or simply to chat over a coffee.
    • 07/18/17
    • Public Services
    • Belgium
    • English

    GfK Consumer Climate Europe: The EU consumer climate remains friendly

    The positive mood among European consumers has also continued into the second quarter of 2017. After the nine-year peak at the beginning of the year, the consumer climate has remained at a high level for the EU 28 and closed at 19.1 points at the end of June. Overall, the results of the GfK consumer climate study are again quite mixed for Europe in the second quarter of 2017. 
    • 07/10/17
    • Technology
    • Connected Consumer
    • Belgium
    • English

    Tech Trends 2017 Vol. 2: Latest technologies and a growing 5G trend

    We thought it was time to take another look at the hottest technologies impacting consumers’ lives and talk about a brand new trend which is set to transform today’s global industries and businesses.
    • 06/28/17
    • Technology
    • Belgium
    • English

    Teenagers and higher-income households most likely to struggle with technology addiction

    A third of people (34 percent) in an online survey of 17 countries firmly agree that they “find it difficult to take a break from technology (my mobile device, computer, TV, etc.), even when I know I should”. This compares to less than half that number (16 percent) who firmly disagree that it is difficult to take a break. 
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