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BERetail Reports

Belgian non-food market stabilizes

Dear professional, 

Welcome to our Retail Reports of the second quarter of 2015! Would you like to know more about the latest trends in the Belgian non-food market?

Well, after a bad start during the first quarter, the market seems to stabilize. We noted an index of 99.9 compared to the same period last year.

Unfortunately Consumer Electronics keeps on struggling due to the bad performance of TV, resulting in another value drop. Furthermore, IT & Office Equipment is also suffering from disappointing Media Tablet, classic Desktop and Notebook sales.

Nevertheless we noticed some positive evolutions.  The Media & Entertainment market remains more or less stable after a history of sharp decline. Home Improvement performed excellent after a hesitant start; especially in June when sales were strongly driven by garden related products.

We noticed again an excellent growth in Telecom. A double digit growth for smartphones also boosted the Mobile accessories market. Both Small and Major Domestic Appliances, influenced by successful retailer actions, are also contributing positively.

Are you looking for more details? Go to our website and download the full report!

See you next quarter!​




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