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smart health insights

​To remain competitive and relevant, businesses need to focus their product and service development and commercialization around the patient journey and delivering the right patient experiences.

Our health experts support you by delivering in-depth understanding of the driving factors in today’s market and the trends that are shaping future opportunities. And we promote direct relevancy to your business by having specialists in every market: animal health, medical devices, diagnostics, consumer health, prescription, optics and glasses, agricultural and crop health, and farm to fork research.

New product development example

We team our health experts with our user experience specialists, to help you develop successful new health devices. We focus on how users interact and behave with your products and services – and those of competitors. By employing the full range of techniques - ask, listen, observe - we identify any pain points and how to fix them. The outcome for you is a set of clear priorities on where to focus your innovation development, plus blueprints that ensure market research insights are incorporated through the design and development process. With this, you reduce the risk of failed products and services or costly post-launch changes.

Online & mobile channels example

Similarly, our digital market specialists capture and analyze online and mobile behavior on computers, smartphones and tablets.

They measure how your target groups are researching and engaging with health products and services online. They also evaluate the impact of the experiences that you are delivering via these channels.

The result for you is real-time understanding of what perception your key consumers are receiving of you via online and mobile channels, and how to manage this, to stay competitive and relevant.

​In the healthcare industry, innovation is judged far more by whether it delivers engaging health experiences than by the level of invention. And market access for state-of-the-art healthcare is under pressure globally.

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 No matter how easy or complex my research needs were, I always got the same GfK enthusiastic approach to any particular study.

David Delgado, Business Intelligence Manager, Abbott Spain