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smart Fashion & Lifestyle insights

How is the market developing? How does your performance compare to your competitors around the world? What is your brand perception against your competition? What is the optimum positioning for your brand and products? How do you increase loyalty and sales across all channels?


What we do

We continuously track and study the fashion and luxury goods markets for clothing, underwear and shoes. And, we look at home textiles and key lifestyle segments like sports, accessories, bags and luggage, sunglassesOptics are also covered in our solutions for the health industry or frames. 

We have the expertise and global resources to look at the full picture, from market-wide trends to the effectiveness of specific marketing activities. We identify what is happening at every touch point where consumers experience your brand, products or services. And we assess the broad trends and specific influences that drive consumer choices and behavior at every stage of the process. 

Full spectrum insights to identify actions for growth

With this uniquely comprehensive view, we deliver a thorough understanding of your performance in key areas, and what you can do to drive growth. Not only locally, but for all key countries:

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Marco WoltersGlobal Industry Lead, Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion Talk July 2015