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Smart Consumer Goods Insights

​The consumer goods sector is facing key challenges. There are many more touchpoints to manage than ever before between brands and the consumer. Consumers are increasingly looking for rich retail experiences, rather than just to acquire a product. And lastly, there is an intensifying struggle for loyalty.

​To be successful, consumer goods or FMCG companies need a comprehensive understanding of what is driving consumers’ choices and preferred experiences at every point.

We provide this understanding by illuminating the trends behind today’s market realities and tomorrow’s consumer demands.

For example:

Our world-class consumer panels and POS tracking deliver precise insights into what shoppers want and the trends that are driving market opportunities.

Our brand, advertising and customer satisfaction research reveals how your target groups perceive your brand, how they respond to the experiences you deliver at each point along the shopper journey and what factors trigger the purchase decision.

And our user experience research delivers full understanding of how consumers interact with your products and services, physically and online, highlighting areas for investment. 

With these insights, we give you clear direction on how to optimize your products, services and customer experiences, and design competitive strategies that translate into revenue.

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